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Announcements October 30th

395 Edmonton “Griffon” Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Weekly Announcements 30 October 2018


1. WEBSITE: http://www.395squadron.ca
2. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/395Squadron
3. TWITTER: https://twitter.com/395AirCadets
4. TEXT MESSAGE REMINDERS: Send “@395ca” to (204) 809-8799 to subscribe




We are now accepting new recruits for the 2018-2019 Training Year.

Learn more how to join.
1. Below is a summary for optional training this week, for full details check the Google


  • ●  Saturday: NO OPTIONAL TRAINING except those cadets who signed up for Poppy Day
  • ●  Sunday: Familiarization Flying 1000-1600 hrs at the Villeneuve Airport – Sign up at the Communication Board – Lots of spots left!
  • ●  Monday: Band 1830-2130 at the Aviation Museum
  • ●  Monday: Ground School 1800-2100 at HMCS Nonsuch
  • ●  Monday: Uniform sizing night at HMCS Nonsuch

    Announcements for Cadets
    1. The Squadron has a new phone number! The new number is:

    780-619-9756Do not use 780-454-5434 any more as it has beeen cancelled.

395 Edmonton “Griffon” Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

  1. Annual Validation Forms and Detailed Health Questionnaires were due last week. Please fill them out and hand them into OCdt Tam in the office or else you will not be able to participate in cadets until it has been handed in.
  2. There is a communication board at the back of the squadron and will be there every Tuesday from now on. This board has sign up sheets, names of cadets who are needed in the office, mandatory training information, optional training information, dress standards, and miscellaneous information. This board reflects the Google Calendar in case you are unable to access the Google Calendar.
  3. Poppy Day is on Saturday November 3rd. Please meet at Norwood Legion 11150-82 Street at 09:00am.If you are available on Saturday please sign up on the communication board to volunteer. We require 20 cadets for this day. There is no optional training or mandatory training on that day so there will be no conflicts for anyone wanting to volunteer for this day. Duke of Ed cadets and level 5’s needing community service for their log books can use this day for volunteer hours.
  4. Reminder: Remembrance Day is on Sunday November 11th.The locations and times are to follow. This is a mandatory parade all cadets must attend so please ensure you keep this day open. Level 1’s attend but will not be in the parade as most do not have uniforms and they are still learning drill.
  5. Please sign up for familiarization flying at the communication board! We apologize that it needed to be cancelled last weekend but please sign up again and we should be able to get you up this weekend.
  6. The Capt Duncan will be in the Supply Trailer this Monday to size and issue uniforms. If you are needing a uniform , please come down to supply trailer and see him. Please don’t enter the ship as the ships company uses the building on Monday nights.

From the 395 Squadron Parents’ Association

  1. The Parent’s Association is looking for parents/guardians to become screened volunteers. As a screened volunteer, you are authorized to work around cadets. This includes working with the canteen sales on Tuesday nights, help out on the weekend camp exercises, and do local trip supervision. With your help, the cadets will get more activities to participate in.
  2. Next Bingos are November 18 and Dec 23, You are encourage to sign up and help with this important fundraiser. Please go see the Bingo Chair, Michelle Hollik at the parents’ corner near the entrance of the front door or give her a call at 587-983-9394.
  3. United Way donations can be made to the Air Cadet League of Alberta.


395 Edmonton “Griffon” Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

  1. Poppy Sales: November 3:10am to 2pm (at various locations). We require 5 volunteer drivers to drop-off and pick up cadets. Cadets will meet at Norwood Legion (address 11150-82 Street) at 09:00am. Please ensure that the cadet has breakfast, has a water bottle, and a snack for the poppy-sale. Lunch will not be until 2:15-2:30pm. Please contact Rick Morrissey at 587-521-0325 to volunteer.
  2. Ice Melt will be on sale in two weeks. Cost is $25.00.
  3. Parents’ Committee is looking for volunteers to participate in the Audit Committee for the squadron’s account. This is an easy task that usually lasts two hours on a Tuesday night. If interested, please go to the Parent’s corner to ask.

Please remember to check the Google Calendar regularly for updates.