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May 15th Announcements

3Weekly Announcements

15 May 2018



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We are still accepting new recruits for the 2017-2018 Training Year.

Learn morehow to join.


If you are going to be absent for any cadet activity, please ensure that you either phone 780-454-5434 (Please speak clearly) or email the squadron at info@395squadron.ca.


Upcoming Activities


A summary of upcoming training this week is below.  Full details are in theGoogle Calendar.


  • Vires Ex for level 5’s Friday May 18 until Sunday May 20. See Capt Wise with any questions.
  • Duke of Ed for all cadets participating from the Duke of Ed award Friday May 18 until Monday May 21 depending on which level you are going for. See OCdt Tam with any questions.
  • No other optional training this weekend.


  1. Spring Gliding & Helicopter Rides


Date:  Saturday, 26 May 2018

Location:  Meet at HMCS NONSUCH for bus to Villeneuve Airport.

  • Drop off at HMCS NONSUCH at 745 AM
  • Pick up at HMCS NONSUCH at 4:30PM.


Dress:  Appropriate civilian clothes.  Dress for the weather.  Cadets will be outside most of the day and this event will happen rain or shine.  Make sure to bring and wear a sun protective hat.  You may want to bring an umbrella to protect from the wind.  Bring and wear sunscreen.
Rations:  Lunch is provided, but bring a water bottle.


  • Sign-up sheets on the front table. This week, only cadets that have never been up in a glider can sign up.  Next week, any cadet can sign up if there are still spots.  For those that don’t know what gliding is, what this YouTube video.


  • Our Force affiliate RCAF squadron is sending down a helicopter and cadets that attend gliding will also be able to go flying in a CH-146 Griffon Helicopter. All cadets attending must complete a waiver formto be able to go flying in the helicopter.  The waiver form is also on the front table.  If you sign up, complete the form and return to Capt. McLellan.  Watch this YouTube videofor some examples of what this helicopter does, featuring the current Commanding Officer of 417 Squadron, Major Alexia Shore.



Announcements for Cadets


  1. This time of year, it is really important that all cadets show up to Tuesday training. We have lots of preparation to do for the Annual Ceremonial Review on June 9.  Please talk to your friends and work together to get our numbers up.


  1. The following cadets have not returned their Summer Camp offers:


  • Oshodi, M
  • Yeh, A


Please return them as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in your camp being reallocated.




  1. The following cadets still have Detailed Health Questionnaires outstanding:


  • Belgica, J
  • Dese, M
  • Guyatt, B
  • Jackson, E
  • Scherger, C
  • Tsegaye,B
  • Uzelman, H


See 2Lt Chappell in Admin after dismissal!


  1. The Annual Ceremonial Review is Saturday, June 9. Exact timings and details will come soon but please plan to keep the entire day open.


  1. The following cadets need to see Lt Robinson after dismissal in the boardroom.
  • Engdim
  • Layila, J.
  • Morrison, C.
  • Zevallos, L.
  • Baptiste-Potts
  • Ferris
  • Gutierrez Deal-Cruz, Aylmer


  1. The 2018 Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) is Saturday June 9, 2018.  The parade is

the morning with cadets arriving as early as 0830hrs with their full uniform.  Exact timings will be announced in the coming weeks.  Our Reviewing Officer (RO) is LCol Heather Morrison, CO 1 Service Battalion. Displays will be concluded and cleaned up no later than 1300hrs and we invite all family members to attend.


  1. The 2018 Annual Banquet will also be held on Saturday June 9th, 2018.  Tickets are

required and are available from the Parent’s Association.  We hope every cadet and families can attend.  It is a great time and we will present a number of awards to cadets who have worked exceptional hard this year.  Please join us along with our guest speaker, Ms. Robyn Webster from the Duke of Edinburgh Program.  Look for info on the exact timing for the dinner on the 9th soon.



 From the 395 Squadron Parents’ Association


  1. Annual Ceremonial Review Banquet Tickets are now on sale. Cadets need to pay a $5 deposit (which will be returned at the banquet) for a ticket. Everyone else can buy a ticket for $40.00. Please see the parents committee soonest and don’t delay.


  1. The Parents have a fertilizer fundraiser for $25 for a 15 KG bag. Similar products retail for $35 a bag. See the chair of the 395 Parents’ Association, Michelle Hollik for details. Spring has sprung, so get it done!


Please remember to check the websiteregularly for updates